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Meet Bishop Julius Abiola

Founder of Christ Life Ministries

(Christian, Worshipper, Shepherd, Uncommon Champion™, Servant of Jesus Christ)

Julius O. Abiola, being consecrated on the 29th day of April 2006 as the first Presiding Bishop of Christ Life Ministries, the Home of Uncommon Champion™ has served as the Founding Senior Pastor of Christ Life Ministries Inc. since 1994. He met the Lord in a personal encounter in his College days on the 3rd of April, 1982 and was discipled by a fellow student and friend, George Awoyale.

A full-time minister since 1983, Dr. Julius Abiola, is committed to raising Christian Leaders, which are called Uncommon Champions™, in preparation for the end-time move of God and the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. His ultimate Vision is to take the glorious gospel to the ends of the earth by not just adopting churches but by planting vibrant churches in every nation upon every continent of the world.


Happily married to the love of his life, best friend and intercessor, Matilda Abimbola, an author and a Registered Physical Therapist for more than two decades, they are both in the ministry of the Son of God as co-Pastors of Christ Life Ministries. He describes meeting his wife on that August 10, 1985 morning as meeting with destiny.

For Reverend Abiola, ministry did not start behind the pulpit; his was a humble beginning. Prior to accepting full-time ministerial responsibilities, he served in different capacities as but not limited to: driving the College Christian Fellowship bus, Technical and Maintenance of Christian Fellowship equipments. He served as the Music Minister with his spiritual father and Mentor, Dr. Francis ‘Wale Oke, the Presiding Bishop of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, with Headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria where he was ordained as a Pastor on the 1st of September, 1991.

In 1993, he started Christ Life Ministries as a House Fellowship meeting on Sunday evenings. The ministry was incorporated on March 24, 1994 and inaugurated on April 24, of the same year. Christ Life Ministries has planted six churches since then.

Julius serves as an Apostolic covering for many churches and Ministers; he also serves as a Leader for many who are not directly under his direct apostolic supervision. He serves on the corporate body and boards of many upcoming International Church organizations. He has also serves the church locally in leadership and administrative responsibilities.

A native of Saki, Oyo State, Nigeria, Julius, a graduate of the International Bible College of Ministries earned a Master of Theology (Th.M) degree from Christian Life School of Theology (Beacon University) and also researched Biblical Covenants: Framework for Biblical History and The Role of Archaeology in Biblical Studies for his Doctor of Sacred Theology and Doctor of Christian Philosophy degrees respectively, both from the Lighthouse Christian College and Seminary.

Julius believes that the story of his life can be summarized as GRACE. It is grace that raised him in a large Nigerian Baptist family of twenty (20) siblings, where his parents, Samuel and Rebecca Abiola, who believed that good quality education is the greatest legacy a man can give his children, taught them the scriptures and made it mandatory for them to go to church from infancy. He remains eternally grateful to God for giving him such parents who would sacrifice their comfort to give their children the best that life can offer at that level and to prepare them for a glorious future.

Dr. Abiola has authored two books: Nuggets for Uncommon Champions™ ©2002 and The Emmergence of the Uncommon Champions™ ©2003.
He simply loves and appreciates his church family – the Uncommon Champions. His love for the children endears him to many of the younger folks in the church who see him as their role model and will like to be pastors like him
His Favorite Scriptural verse: Proverbs 13:20 – ‘He that walks with the wise shall be wise and a companion of fools shall be destroyed.’

His Favorite Hymns: All hail the Power of Jesus’ Name and Pass Me not Oh Gentle Savior.
His Philosophy: ‘Everybody is important. If you do not need them today, you may need them in the hour of your greatest need. Everything you do for men, both great and small is an investment. I will not hurt anyone intentionally but when I am wrong, I want to be sincerely wrong because it came from the head and not from the heart.
His Calling: To raise leaders for the body of Christ and provide platforms for them to be fulfilled in Ministry.
His Registered Trademark: The Uncommon Champions™
His Greatest Commitment: To his LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.
His Greatest Desire: To hear his Master say to him ‘Welcome, thou good and faithful servant.